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30-Second Smile Review. | Hydrabrush Toothbrush. In depth.

Article / Review by on January 25, 2011 – 1:39 amNo Comments

What is the 30-Second Smile?

The 30 Second Smile Toothbrush is a much welcomed innovation, making a revolution in the way we brush our teeth. Who wants to spend 2-5 minutes wasting time brushing their teeth, when you can get the same results, if not better, in 30 seconds flat.

30 second smile review

The Hydrabrush Prototype

The Thirty Second Smile Toothbrush is a much improved version of the original Hydrabrush, with its six brushes and four water jets all working simultaneously, generates an oral cleansing with effectiveness far beyond that of any other oral care product. The cleaning process is also very enjoyable. A common testimonial of first-time HydraBrush™ users is along the lines of “it’s like putting your teeth through an automatic car wash. Just enjoy the ride and come out squeaky clean.” Another common comment for first-time users is “it feels like I just got a cleaning from my dentist.”

The new 30 Second Smile Toothbrush addresses most of the grievances mentioned in the reviews of the original Hydrabrush.

Does The 30 Second Smile Really Work? Scientific Proof and Clinical Trials.

Department of Periodontology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, College of Dentistry, Memphis, TN 38163, USA.
Full text of the study:

What did they do?

A controlled clinical trial was conducted to compare the efficacy of the Hydrabrush (Thirty Second Smile) to that of two presently marketed power brushes (Oral-B and Sonicare) in reducing stain, supragingival plaque, gingivitis and the signs of periodontitis while monitoring safety.

How were the tests set up?

One hundred ten subjects were randomly assigned to three groups
– 35 people in the Oral-B group
– 36 people Sonicare group, and
– 39 people in the Hydrabrush group

Subjects were instructed to use the assigned powered toothbrush according to the manufacturer’s instructions for 2-minutes duration twice per day. Clinical examinations conducted at baseline and at weeks 4, 8, and 12 included the following parameters:
(1) oral tissues;
(2) staining;
(3) plaque index;
(4) gingivitis;
(5) probing depth;
(6) clinical attachment loss; and
(7) bleeding on probing.

30 Second Smile Clinical Trial Results:

The results showed that the body intensity and extent of stain and the gingival intensity and extent of stain at 8 and 12 weeks, 30 second smile before and afterrespectively, were significantly less in the Hydrabrush group compared with the Sonicare group.

The modified gingival index (MGI) in all groups significantly decreased over the 12 weeks. However, the groups did not differ from each other statistically.

At 4, 8 and 12 weeks, the Hydrabrush group had statistically significantly less plaque than the Sonicare group.

At 4 weeks, the Hydrabrush group had statistically significantly lower mean probing depth than both the Oral-B and Sonicare groups.At 8 and 12 weeks, the Hydrabrush group had statistically significantly lower mean probing depths than the Sonicare group. With regard to mean percentage of sites with probing depth > or =4 mm, the Hydrabrush group had statistically significantly fewer sites > or =4 mm at 4, 8 and 12 weeks. Differences among the groups in clinical attachment loss at 4, 8 and 12 weeks were representative of small imbalances at baseline. No differences were seen among the treatment groups with regard to gingival recession and bleeding on probing.

No differences were seen among the treatment groups with regard to gingival recession and bleeding on probing and none of the tested brushes caused any adverse reactions.

CONCLUSIONS: The 30 Second Smile Toothbrush (Hydrabrush) is as good as, and in a lot of ways BETTER for your teeth and gums than Sonicare and OralB

How do you use the 30 Second Smile Toothbrush?

1. Wet bristles and apply a pea sized amount of toothpaste, if desired.
2. Before putting the brush in your mouth, turn it on by rotating switch, located at base of handle, clockwise.
3. Hold handle with thumb and one finger ONLY, keeping the handle horizontal. Do not grip the handle with your hand, as it
needs freedom to move along your teeth. The comfort grips in the middle of the handle are not switches.
4. Bite into moving bristles with front teeth until you feel the brush massaging the gums. DO NOT BITE TOO HARD. Allow your
teeth to position the brush, do not force it.
5. Gently move the brush from your front teeth to the back teeth, guiding the brush along the natural curve of your teeth. Then gently guide the brush toward the front. It is not necessary to move the handle vigorously back and forth. Let the brush head do the work.
6. Switch hands and brush other side of the mouth using same procedure.
7. Turn the brush off by rotating switch counterclockwise.
30 second smile review how to

How is 30 Second Smile different than other toothbrushes?

A better question would be ‘how is it not different?’ Manufacturers keep trying to improve upon the toothbrush, making it spin, beep, and oscillate. And many use timers and sonic technology.
The truth is, they all operate on the same principle, and all of these products are only as good as the person using them. The problem, whether we wish to admit it or not, is that most people just don’t take the time or exercise the dexterity to brush properly. That’s why, despite all the different types of brushes available, 80% of the U.S. adults suffer from some degree of gum disease. Proper oral care is dependent upon eliminating human error. To do this, you either spend a couple of minutes trying to brush properly with the crop of toothbrushes already out there, or switch to a new product that provides a new solution based upon advanced technology.
30 Second Smile operates with new, advanced technology. The 6 micro brushes are designed to remove human error, and ensure you receive proper brushing every time.
Regular Toothbrush vs 30 Second Smile Review
Yes, the 21st century technology of 30 Second Smile looks different than the old fashioned single-headed brushes. But the real difference can only be appreciated by using it, and experiencing a new level of oral care that is fast, (1/4th the time) and automatic — every time you put it in your mouth.

The brush head looks a bit big…is this going to fit comfortably in my mouth?

This is deceiving because if all of the 6 microbrushes were all on one side of the tooth at the same time, indeed it would be uncomfortable. However, that is not how 30 Second Smile works. Each microhead is assigned to its own surface, and each head is actually half the size of the typical single headed brush. The 6 heads wrap around six surfaces simultaneously and comfortably.

Is 30 Second Smile safe for children, and does it require any special brushes?

Not only do we have special brushes just for kids, but clinical studies have shown 30 Second Smile to be totally safe for anyone seeking a higher quality of oral hygiene. We hear from parents all the time, who tell us their kids love 30 Second Smile and think it’s cool. More importantly, parents tell us that they love 30 Second Smile because they no longer have to stand over their children to make sure they are properly brushing their teeth.

How will 30 Second Smile benefit my family?

30 Second Smile is ideal for any member of the family – young children, teens, college students, Mom, Dad and Grandparents. Oral care is a vital part of our overall health. In fact, the US Surgeon General stated in 2003, “If your mouth is not healthy, your body will not be healthy.” Let’s face it, brushing your teeth is a lifetime proposition. It’s something we do every day, but do we do it well? With 30 Second Smile, every member of your family will receive proper oral care every day. And often times, Grandma and Grandpa may have a problem using a traditional toothbrush to properly brush. 30 Second Smile will do the job for them. And that means whiter teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath, and better overall health for all family members. It also means a better partnership with your dental professional. And while this can mean great savings in dental bills, the ultimate prize is better health and a family with bright, beautiful, healthy smiles.

Does the brushing action of 30 Second Smile cause abrasion?

No, it does not. Short/quick ( 5mm) brush strokes assure abrasion proof brushing as confirmed by independent clinical studies.

30 Second Smile was designed to automatically provide you with the gentle massage/stimulation of the gums recommended by dental professionals. The positioning and movement (short, quick strokes with the ultra soft micro-brushes) ensures this takes place.

This is supported by two major clinical studies, one conducted at the Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry and the other at the University of Tennessee, Health Science Center, where they came to the following conclusions on the safety of 30 Second Smile:

1. Medical College of Georgia Study: “The 30 Second Smile Oral Health System has proven to be a safe, well accepted and effective device.”
2. University of Tennessee, Health Science Center Study: “Neither the 30 Second Smile, nor the other tested brushes caused any adverse reactions that could be attributed to the brush.”
3. “Neither the 30 Second Smile, nor the other tested brushes caused any increase in gingival recession.”

The 30 Second Smile Review

Video Review, on Youtube:

An independent 30 Second Smile Customer review, found on Youtube

Thirty Second Smile Toothbrush  reviewI’ve enjoyed this tooth brush. Its not going to replace a dentist, but it does work. It has worked as least as good as my sonicare, and it cost about a 3rd of what I paid for the sonicare. A magic brush its not, but it does work. I’m just sayin…

Another independent 30 Second Smile Customer review, found on Youtube

Thirty Second Smile Toothbrush  reviewIt actually only takes 30 seconds! The toothbrush has 6 microbrush heads that surround your teeth so it cleans the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces, all at the same time. I have been using it for 3 months now and I could not be happier!

Another independent 30 Second Smile Customer review, found on Youtube

Thirty Second Smile Toothbrush  reviewThis Brush is AMAZING!!!! Feels like you went to the hygienist, takes all tarter off. I loved Sonic Care, but this is by far the best toothbrush out there. The brushes wrap around all your teeth front and back. Love you 30 Second Smile!

Independent 30 Second Smile Toothbrush reviews found on Amazon:

Thirty Second Smile Toothbrush  reviewSam Dean – Cleaner teeth thanks to HydraBrush. I absolutely love 30 Second Smile Toothbrush. I find myself brushing and enjoying it more. I used it about four times a day at first and now have settled down to twice a day. After all, it was like a toy. Something radically different and I believe, the wave of the future. My teeth are definitely cleaner. The old manuel toothbrush and old style electric toothbrush will be obsolete…

Thirty Second Smile Toothbrush  reviewI had the old version of the Hydrabrush, and this one is way improved. I’ve also had an Oral B fancy pants toothbrush, but gave it away as I was not impressed.

Thirty Second Smile Toothbrush  reviewRussell WilliamsI’ve been dreaming of this for years – I’ve been thinking of a four head toothbrush for a long time. If you’re like me, brushing your teeth is the last thing you do before you run out, and it’s where I’m my most impatient. I had a Sonic care, and liked it, but the two minutes drove me crazy. I bought this a year ago, and started using it, and wondered if it was working. Well, I just went to the dentist for the first time in 3 years, and my teeth were great (I also use the Water pic floss thing). I am so freaking happy with this thing. The only thing that i’ve run into is that the power charger they included with it doesn’t seem to work, but we use recyclable batteries anyway, so we just throw the batteries into our primary charger.

Where to buy 30 Second Smile

When you order online, your package includes:

  • The 30 Second Smile Brush
  • Designer stand (not a charging station)
  • 2 sets of brush heads: ultra-soft and standard
  • Tongue scraper
  • Travel Case
  • Instruction manual
  • One year warranty (void if water gets in the battery case)

The total cost for the basic package is two payments of $29.95 each, plus $14.95 shipping, so a total of around $75 for the full electric toothbrush package. This compares to around $140-$180 for the Sonicare FlexCare and around $160 for the top-of-the-line Oral B Professional Care Smartseries.

There is a free trial running at the moment. You can order the 30 day smile toothbrush and use it free for 30 days. You’ll only be charged $14.95 per unit for shipping and processing today. Use the 30 Second Smile™ toothbrush for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied, then return it within 30 days and you won’t be charged another penny. If you keep the 30 Second Smile™ system your credit card will be billed two monthly payments of just $29.95 each, per unit. Click here for the free trial

30 second smile free trial

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