Taking the “Ewww”… out of snail cream
June 17, 2014 – 11:07 pm | One Comment

Great news for all those women (and men) who have wanted to try the beautifying effects of snail slime but could never get past the “ick” factor. 20yrsyounger.com promises to get rid of the Ewww… while still letting women reap the anti-aging and rejuvenating benefits of snail slime cream. The process itself is called lyophilisation […]

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Hairmax Laser Comb Review. The Final Verdict is In.
December 27, 2010 – 9:48 am | No Comments
Hairmax Laser Comb Review. The Final Verdict is In.

Hairmax Laser comb review
So now, nearly three months later, I can see that it is working. I even showed my husband yesterday. Both of us can definitely see a lot of short (maybe 1 cm or so) length hairs sticking up out of my scalp in the area of treatment. Obviously this is really encouraging! I am going to continue to use it and hope for even more but I’m cautiously optimistic. It did take quite a while to work so you have to be patient.

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