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Hot flashes and Menopause relief. Amberen Review. The facts.

Article / Review by on December 15, 2010 – 9:07 pm2 Comments

What is Amberen?

Hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, mood swings, inability to concentrate, sleeplessness, lack of energy, and, yes, decreased libido. Amberen provides an effective all-in-one solution for common symptoms of menopause. Most women begin experiencing relief in just a few days.

Amberen contains patent-pending smart molecules that boost the body’s hormonal function.

How Amberen Works

How Amberen WorksOur hormonal balance is regulated by our neural and endocrine systems, jointly referred to as the neuroendocrine system. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain that acts as the main control switchboard for the neuroendocrine system. To monitor and adjust hormonal levels, the hypothalamus constantly receives chemical signals from peripheral tissues and glands. The hypothalamus then instructs the pituitary gland to stimulate endocrine glands such as ovaries, to produce their own hormones, such as estrogen.  When hormones rise to the required levels, ovaries send a stop signal to the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus then instructs the pituitary gland to stop stimulating hormone production.

This is how the neuroendocrine system maintains our internal state of balance.

Paramenopause occurs when the hypothalamus loses sensitivity to signals which weakens its ability to control hormonal balance. This is when many women experience the first symptoms of menopause – irregular periods, hot flashes, mood swings, sleeplessness, weight gain. The aging process accelerates.

Without proper signaling connection to the hypothalamus, ovaries gradually deteriorate, and eventually stop making estrogen, causing the onset of menopause.

Amberen contains uniquely shaped molecules that can easily penetrate the cells and increase production of energy for proper function. This rejuvenates hypothalamus sensitivity to signals. The rejuvenated hypothalamus regains control of the neuroendocrine system, restoring hormonal balance. Amberen molecules also trigger trillions of mitochondria throughout the body to produce more energy, which helps restore youthful function in organs throughout the body. This combination of neuroendocrine and mitochondria rejuvenation alleviates menopausal symptoms, promotes normal function throughout the body and slows the aging process inside and out.

Amberen Side Effects

In clinical trials, users reported no significant Amberen side effects, although some users noted positive effects of hormone normalization, loss of excess weight and improved sex life. Such Amberen side effects were appreciated by the patients!

Amberen Ingredients

Amberen menopause Symptoms Relief Ingredients

Ammonium Succinate

Calcium Dissucinate

Monosodium L-Glutamate


Magnesium Disuccinate Hydrate

Zinc Difumarate Hydrate

Tocopherol Acetate

What are the benefits of Amberen vs. red clover, Black Cohosh and other herbal products?

Amberen has the unique ability to restore the body’s own balancing systems. Symptomatic relief with Amberen comes from the rejuvenation of the body’s own regulatory ability. Red Clover, Black Cohosh and other herbal remedies have been used with varying success for years because of their ability to act like estrogens and bind to estrogen receptors. Though they have been a popular non-drug treatment in the past, concerns about allergic responses, poor quality control and limited efficacy have limited their adoption by medical professionals.

Soy extracts (isoflavones) have been shown to create problems with thyroid balance, breast cancer risk and allergies as well. Amberen gets to the root of the menopause problem by restoring youthful signaling and regulatory function to the body’s own control mechanisms instead of “covering up” symptoms.

In a double-blind clinical study, Amberen treatment effectively increased estrogen levels (specifically estradiol) in women. This also eased signs of aging, such as loss of bone and joint strength.

Clinical Studies for Amberen

Amberen Clinical Trials

First Amberen prototype tested. In 1971, for the first time, a team of researchers reversed menopause in aging rats by restoring their hypothalamic function. An early prototype of Amberen, as it would turn out.

Amberen Clinical TrialsAnimal Study
In a six-week laboratory study on the biochemical effects of Amberen in old female rats, Amberen corrected ovulation cycle in the rats.

Animal Study
In a four-week study on the estral cycle, bone mass and calcium content of aging mice. No adverse side effects registered.

Five-year Study
Amberen alleviated symptoms of menopause when administered as monotherapy. No adverse side effects registered.

Peer-reviewed Publications
(2005) Succinate-Based Preparation Alleviates Manifestations of the Climacteric Syndrome in Women. Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine (Pharmacology, Toxicology), Vol. 140, No. 3, pp. 312-314.

(2007) A Succinate-Based Composition ”Rejuvenates” Aging Mice and Alleviates Menopausal Symptoms in Women Without Sex Hormone Replacement Therapy. Medline (Gerontology, Endocrinology), Vol. 8, Art. 46, pp. 497-517.

(2008) A Succinate-Based Composition Reverses Menopausal Symptoms Without Sex Hormone Therapy. Advances in Gerontology, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 298-305.

Human Clinical Trials
In randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, cross over clinical trials, Amberen-based monotherapy significantly lowered most characteristics of menopausal symptoms, including hot flushes, headaches, and anxiety. No adverse side effects registered.

Amberen Clinical TrialsAmberen launches in the U.S. It takes decades to bring Amberen to market: decades of studies, rigorous testing for safety and efficacy, monitoring for long-term effects. Now, we can proudly say that Amberen is SAFE AND EFFECTIVE.

Reviews of Amberen

Some reviews of Amberen found on the web, written by women who have taken Amberen

PostureNow reviewYes, I started using it, 3 weeks ago.
Before I had really bad hot flashes, like 7 or 8 at night and the same during the day.
The first week nothing happened. The second week was a little bite better. And now, I hardly have hot flashes. When I have them they’re very mild.
Before I was getting really hot for about 3 minutes, now is just a warm feeling for about 1 minute.
Also I sleep better at night, maybe I wake up, one or 2 times, but is much better that before. I sweat a little. Before I was wet all around and also the sheets.
And they’re was this bad smell in my body. Now the bad smell is gone.
Also I’m not dried anymore when I have intercourse and also you feel more you what to have sex.
I also have more energy.
I still feel kind of space out.
I read a lot before deciding for this product. I tried vitamin B, soya and didn’t work or maybe I didn’t use it for 3 weeks. Hope this helps.

Another independent review found on a menopause forum (unedited):

PostureNow reviewI was experiencing night sweats, irritability (just ask my husband!), ridiculously heavy periods and over-emotional reactions to everything! I heard about Amberen on WTOP News radio in my area and looked it up online. I am very conservative about medications, dont even like to take aspirin. I also do not smoke or drink, so I am relatively healthy. The only other treatments I tried prior was “the pill,” which is REALLy bad for you if over 40, and progesterone cream. The prog cream worked somewhat, but it was difficult to know how much to put on at what times of the month; if you didnt use enough or too much, all of the symptoms came back with a vengence! I tried Amberen, and it is the most amazing cure I have found for perimenopause! It works fantastic! A woman and I at work (both 45) have been on it for the first three months, and are almost ready to start again (you take it for three months, then dont for three, and so on).

This stuff works, and what is great is that it is simply replacing a chemical that is found in every cell of your body that, as you get older, is not produced to the level that it was when you were in your 20’s or 30’s. The added benefits are that your skin looks younger, your nails and hair seem to grow faster, and it is also supposed to help you maintain your weight (or lose, for some). It is not medicine, it is NOT a drug, and it has NO side effects, except that you should take it with food so you dont get nauseated.

BTW, someone asked if it is worth it? YES YES YES!!

The Amberen website offers both a free trial option and a 30 day money back guarantee (image below from the Amberen website)

Amberen moneyback guarantee

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