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Chamonix Anti-aging Skincare. Wrinkle Treatments.

Article / Review by on November 6, 2010 – 8:35 pmOne Comment
  • If you’re looking for the Official Chamonix skin care website, click here.

Over time, exposure to the elements and the stresses of daily life show up on your face: crow’s feet, furrows, frown lines…It’s inevitable. But with the right anti-aging treatments, it’s not irreversible.

Developed by a pharmacist, Chamonix all-natural antioxidant skin care products are formulated with a potent combination of antioxidants, which protect your skin from environmental damage. Dual-targeted products like Esotique-RF™, Chamonix breakthrough anti-wrinkle cream, also contain Matrixyl®, a natural peptide clinically proven to boost collagen production by 327%!

Chamonix skin care products treat wrinkles effectively without causing undue irritation because they contain no mineral oil, pharmaceutical preservatives or other unnecessary or harmful ingredients. And, they’re never tested on animals.

Esotique Light

Chamonix Esotique lightThe All-New Esotique Light

A lighter, fluffier Esotique product for those hot summer days!
Esotique Light is rich in vitamins and nutrients, including the powerful anti-oxidant Green Tea Extract.

In this new formulation, the lipoic acid was replaced with green tea extract, known throughout the world for its anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. Plus, we added a wealth of vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and sea weed extract to help repair, protect, and nourish your skin.

Chamonix OrderNow

Key Ingredients:
Japanese Green Tea Extract, Purified Water, Safflower Oil, Aloe Leaf Juice, Jojoba Oil

ChamonixEsotique-RF with Matrixyl
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, Retinol-free

The Most Effective All-natural Wrinkle Treatment In The World!

Esotique-RF with Matrixyl™ (Protein Polypentapeptide) is Chamonix best selling anti-wrinkle treatment. Matrixyl, the key ingredient, helps smooth out wrinkles within weeks, and is clinically proven to increase collagen production by 327%. Hyaluronic Acid, with its unmatched ability to help skin cells retain moisture, holds 100 times its weight in water. That means your skin will be restored to a healthy, more youthful looking condition.


You’ll feel an immediate improvement in the texture of your skin, and in just weeks your friends will notice an overall glow and ask, “What have you done to your skin?”

Chamonix results clinical studies

KEY INGREDIENTSChamonix Esotique RF with Matrixyl

• Matrixyl
• Grape Seed Extract
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Vitamin E
• Chamonix Proprietary Calendula Extract Base

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Directions for use: Apply to a cleansed face twice daily, using circular motions until cream is completely absorbed. If using with Jeunesse or DFS, allow a few minutes for Jeunesse or DFS to absorb completely before applying Esotique-RF.

New Esotique-RF with SPF15 & Matrixyl

You asked, Chamonix listened! Introducing Esotique-RF with SPF15.Chamonix Esotique spf15 matrixyl

All the goodness of Esotique-RF plus UVA/UVB protection.

-Lighter, softer, SPF consistency
-More protection for summer
-Smoother-easier to apply
-Outstanding moisturizing capacity
-Superb antioxidant protection
-Esotique-RF anti-wrinkle power

Chamonix OrderNow

NEW! Esotique-RF with RenovageEsotique-RF with Renovage

Enjoy all the luxury of Esotique-RF with the added benefits of Renovage!

Renovage shows a significant improvement in the appearance of mature skin after just one month. Renovage helps to maintain the telomere length, and thus extend the lifespan of cells by promoting the skin’s natural protection and DNA repair.

By increasing the lifespan of the cell, cell function is enhanced, tissue quality is improved and the skin’s youth is restored, reducing all visible signs of aging-not just wrinkles!

Renovage improves:Chamonix OrderNow
-Enlarged pore size and redness
-Fine lines, wrinkles, and skin firmness
-Skin moisture, skin roughness and elasticity
-Sun spots and uneven skin tone

Key Ingredients:
Renovage, Matrixyl, Grape Seed Extract, Calendula Extract

Esotique with Retinol

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Chamonix Esotique RetinolEsotique is our signature brand anti-wrinkle treatment. This classic formula has always been a favorite with our Chamonix customers!
Esotique combines grape seed extract and Vitamin E (powerful antioxidants) with the time-proven effectiveness of Retinol. It is carefully formulated with just the right amount of the purest form of Retinol available, so there is no irritation, dryness or tingling. Retinol helps with skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea. It is also good for oily skin and helps with acne.

Chamonix OrderNow

• Retinol
• Grape Seed Extract
• Vitamin E
• Our Proprietary Calendula Extract Base

Directions for use: Apply to a cleansed face twice daily, using circular motions until cream is completely absorbed. If using with Jeunesse or DFS, allow a few minutes for Jeunesse or DFS to absorb completely before applying Esotique.

Brilliance with SPF15 Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Brilliance has all the antioxidant and collagen building power of Esotique-RF™ (Chamonix best-selling anti-aging treatment) plus natural SPF15 factors for advanced protection against both UVA & UVB radiation. Brilliance also contains marine algae extract for faster tightening effects.

Brilliance with SPF15. Brilliance with SPF15. NEW

• Matrixyl™
• Vitamin E
• Marine Algae Extract
• Our Proprietary Calendula Extract Base

Directions for use: Apply to a cleansed face twice daily, using circular motions until cream is completely absorbed. If using with Jeunesse or DFS, allow a few minutes for Jeunesse or DFS to absorb completely before applying Brilliance.

Bet You Didn’t Know…
There are 2 kinds of UV radiation, and UVA is as dangerous for your skin as UVB (Latest FDA guidelines). Most SPF creams on the market don’t cover UVA. You need UVA and UVB protection in summer and in winter.

Chamonix gets the purest grape seed extract and Chinese calendula flower extract (the finest and most healing calendula in the world) to use in our products.
We don’t use mineral oil, petroleum by-products or pharmaceutical preservatives.

But then you didn’t have to know…your skin will tell you about it every morning and thank you for it every night!

Platinum Anti-Aging Treatment

Platinum Anti-Aging & Enzyme Revitalizing Treatment with Copper PeptidesPlatinum Anti-Aging & Enzyme Revitalizing Treatment  with Copper Peptides. Chamonix most powerful anti-wrinkle treatment yet!

Platinum contains copper peptides for stronger tissue regeneration, Matrixyl™, grape seed extract and hyaluronic acid. Chamonix all natural wrinkle treatment will take years off your appearance with clinically proven ingredients like Copper Peptide Complex, the revitalizing, anti-aging protein naturally occurring in your skin, but lost with age.

Platinum Anti-Aging Treatment has twice the ingredient concentrations of Esotique-RF™, such as Matrixyl, the Polypeptide Protein that builds collagen by 327%! Hyaluronic Acid, a natural protein found in our skin, joints and eyes, to help the skin cells retain moisture. It actually holds 100 times its weight in water!

And of course, Grape Seed Extract, one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants. This is a concentrated formula that will soften and improve the texture of your skin in a remarkably short period of time!

• Copper Peptide Complex
• Matrixyl
• Hyaluronic Acid
• Grape Seed Extract
• Vitamin E
• Our Proprietary Calendula Extract Base

Directions for use: Apply to cleansed face using upward circular motions. For best results, use twice a day.

Jeunesse Face Serum

Jeunesse Instant Face Serum with Relaxoderm Technology

Chamonix Order NowJeunesse Instant Face Serum with Relaxoderm Technology
Jeunesse is one of Chamonix’s breakthroughs in anti-aging. It’s clinically proven to gently smooth away the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes, including crow’s feet and brow lines.

Jeunesse utilizes patented Relaxoderm Technology. It’s safe, natural, and the results last 15 to 24 hours. It is the only product in the world clinically proven to work in 5 minutes!
• Revitalizing and cooling, Jeunesse is easy to apply and incorporate into your morning routine
• Natural ingredients “relax” wrinkles
• Will not cause you to lose facial expressions
• No doctor appointment is needed, and safer than paralyzing, painful injections
• No risk of irritation, infection, or drooping expressions
• More versatile than injections – Jeunesse can be applied to any part of the face

• Relaxoderm Technology
• Gynostemma

Directions for use: In the morning, pat a small amount on cheeks, laugh lines, fine lines around the lips or anywhere you have fine lines or wrinkles. Massage serum into skin thoroughly using moderate pressure. Always follow with a moisturizer.

About Chamonix®

In 1999, a customer asked pharmacist George Faltaous to formulate a wrinkle cream for her. Like so many people, she had tried countless skin care products that promised to reverse the effects of aging – everything from facial wrinkles and general loss of elasticity to dark circles under the eyes – and always been disappointed.

Faltaous agreed to help. Drawing on his background in pharmaceuticals, chemistry and nutrition, he created a simple compound containing strong antioxidants and natural collagen builders. To safely maximize absorption of the active ingredients, he used a base of calendula flower extract, a plant that has been used in natural healing for millennia.

The results were dramatic. Word quickly spread among the customer’s friends and acquaintances, who were eager to try the miraculous antioxidant skin care product for themselves. Before long, Faltaous was filling order after order, mixing in his kitchen an anti-aging cream that, unlike thousands already on the market, actually worked.

A turning point came when a dermatologist saw the effects of the skin cream. Highly skeptical of commercial anti-aging treatments, the doctor was astounded by what Faltaous’ antioxidant skin care formula could do. Faltaous began making guest appearances on a variety of doctor’s radio shows until every doctor on radio was endorsing his anti-aging skin care product. The medical community at large took notice, and physicians across the country, including diet guru Dr. Atkins, whose wife was a customer, were endorsing this amazing new anti-aging cream.

Faltaous quit his day job, and the Chamonix® line of antioxidant skin care products was born.

The Chamonix philosophy remains the same as the day Faltaous created his first anti-aging skin cream.

We use antioxidants as our primary ingredients, knowing that substances such as grape seed oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Ester-C and others have the power to fight free radicals, boost collagen production, nourish and moisturize.

Other anti-aging skin care products on the market may include similar ingredients. But it’s important to know that not all skin care products that have the same ingredients are created equal. This is because even the best ingredients will be ineffective if they are present only in very small amounts (usually for marketing reasons), or if they are in the wrong base.

Chamonix anti-aging skin care products contain clinical concentrations of antioxidants in combination with a proprietary all-natural base that supports their function and causes no harm. Never tested on animals, and all of products are manufactured and packaged in the U.S.

Click here to visit the Official Chamonix skin care website.

Why Chamonix® ?

Like most people, you’ve tried innumerable anti-aging skin care products claiming to erase wrinkles, lighten dark circles under eyes, brighten skin, and restore a more youthful appearance. And no doubt, you’ve been disappointed.

That’s about to change, because now you’ve found products that really work!Chamonix Skin Care

Chamonix‘s® anti-aging skin care products are all based on antioxidants – natural substances clinically proven to repair and prevent damage caused by sun, wind, pollution, stress and other external and internal factors. Chamonix unique antioxidant skin care products are endorsed by doctors and celebrities. More importantly, our extremely high level of customer loyalty shows that once people try Chamonix, they know it isn’t like any other anti-aging skin care product out there.

How does Chamonix succeed where so many others fail? Chamonix anti-aging skin care products, such as our best-selling Esotique-RF™ anti-wrinkle cream and Jeunesse® eye cream, offer several key advantages over other brands:

  • Chamonix never use mineral oil, petroleum by-products, pharmaceutical preservatives, coloring agents or other harmful ingredients commonly found in skin care products.
  • Chamonix always use only pure, natural ingredients, including a variety of potent antioxidants, in synergistic combinations that reinforce the positive skin care effects of each ingredient.
  • Chamonix anti-aging skin care products, developed by a pharmacist, are clinically proven to work, and are endorsed by numerous physicians.

Click here to visit the Official Chamonix skin care website.

Chamonix Celebrity Endorsements

People who are in the public eye have an even greater imperative than most of us to look their best at all times. And if they’re past the age of 20, this means fighting wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, sagging skin and other unflattering signs of age that come with prolonged environmental exposure and the stresses of daily life.

Celebrities have the luxury of using whichever anti-aging treatments they like – and many of them choose Chamonix® clinically proven antioxidant skin care products. Like our many loyal customers from all walks of life, they appreciate the visible, long-term results they get from products like our best selling Esotique-RF™, widely regarded as the best anti-wrinkle cream, and Jeunesse®, our breakthrough eye wrinkle cream: protection from free radical damage, collagen building, improved moisture content, firmness and elasticity.

They also appreciate the care Chamonix takes to use only pure, natural ingredients. As you’ve probably found in your search for effective anti-aging treatments, the vast majority of anti-aging skin care products simply don’t work. Worse yet, many can actually damage your skin. One reason is that most skin care products on the market use poor quality ingredients like mineral oil as a base. Chamonix uses a synergistic blend of natural ingredients in a proprietary base of calendula extract, with no mineral oil or pharmaceutical preservatives. And, these skin care products are never tested on animals.

Deborah Gibson: Singer, actress, Chamonix fan

Singer/songwriter, Broadway star and teen pop icon Deborah “Debbie” Gibson is a true Chamonix devotee, and living proof of our antioxidant skin care products’ ability to restore a more youthful appearance. We’ve even assembled specially priced Deborah’s Specials packages, handpicked with her favorite products like Esotique-RF wrinkle cream, Jeunesse eye wrinkle cream and more.

Click here to visit the Official Chamonix skin care website.

Customer reviews of Chamonix products

Some Customer reviews of Chamonix products

My name is Patricia and I have been using Chamonix ever since I was made aware of it. I love it! I have never written a letter about a product, but after what happened to me a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was only proper to write. My husband and I were at a wedding reception and we were seated with friends that we knew, also some new friends we met for the first time. During the conversation, we started talking about how long we all had been married. I stated that Bob and I were married for 43 years, and the young woman sitting across from me spit out her drink (like in the movies) and said, “I thought you were as old as my husband. He’s 42.” I was very flattered. I told her I’ve never had a face lift, I just use Chamonix. – Patricia, New Jersey

Another Chamonix skin care products Customer review

My skin used to be very dry looking even though I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on products for my face. I switched over to Cristalles, Deep Firming Serum, and Esotique for the past few months and my husband has told me, “Your skin is very soft and healthy looking.” I look like a new woman! Thanks, Chamonix. Linda, New Jersey

Another Chamonix skin care products Customer review

I’m truly amazed by your Chamonix Deep Firming Serum. I am almost finished with my first bottle and already I’m seeing a remarkable difference in my wrinkles. Because of my age (70), and many severe health problems, my wrinkles were getting pretty bad. To my astonishment I’m seeing even the deepest wrinkles greatly reduced. To say I’m happy is putting it mildly. Thank you so much for your extraordinary, non-wrinkle serum. I’m most grateful to whoever invented it. Olive, Canada

Click here to visit the Official website of Chamonix skin care.

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