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Tom Venuto: 6 Nutrition Secrets For Great Abs

Article / Review by on November 4, 2011 – 6:26 pmNo Comments

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Tom Venuto is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a certified personal trainer (CPT). Tom is the author of “Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle,” which teaches you how to get lean without drugs or supplements using methods of the world’s best bodybuilders and fitness models. Learn how to get rid of stubborn abdominal fat and increase your metabolism by visiting:

ripped abs secret men women6 Nutrition Secrets For Great Abs

In the previous two installments of this series I discussed the science and training about revealing abdominal muscles.

That leads us to nutrition. Many people say that “abdominals are made in the kitchen, not in the gym,” and there’s a lot of truth to that. You can do thousands of reps of ab work every week, but if your nutrition is not in order, you can forget about getting a great set of 6-pack abs.

Eat about 15-20% below your calorie maintenance level. If you use a more aggressive calorie deficit of 25-30%, then do not keep calories too low for too long; increase calories to maintenance or maintenance +10-15% 1-2 days per week.

Spread your calories into 5-6 smaller meals instead of 2-3 big ones. Be very conscious of portion size. If you eat too much of anything (even “healthy” food), you can say goodbye to your abs. Period.

Eat a source of complete, high quality lean protein with each meal (egg whites, lean meat, fish, protein powder, etc.)

Choose natural, complex carbs such as vegetables, oatmeal, yams, potatoes, beans, brown rice and whole grains. Start with aprox. 50% of your calories from natural carbs and reduce carbs slightly (esp. late in the day) if you are not losing fat. Avoid refined, simple carbs that contain white flour or white sugar

Keep total fats low and saturated fats low. Aim for 20% of your total calories from fat (and no more than 30%). A little bit of “good fat” like flax oil, fish fat, nuts & seeds, etc. is better than a no fat diet. Essential fatty acids actually assist the fat burning process.

Drink plenty of water – a gallon is a good ballpark to shoot for if you are physically active.

1000+ reps of daily ab work is an amazing feat of endurance, but that’s not how you get visible, 6-pack abs! If you were to do 1,000 reps of ab exercises every day, you would have outstanding development in your abdominal muscles and you would definitely have great muscular endurance. Unfortunately, if your abs are covered up with a layer of fat, you will never see them even if you do 10,000 reps a day!

You Condition and Strengthen Your Abs With Specific Ab Exercises…
But The Secret To Seeing Your Abs Is Reducing Your Body Fat!

fat loss wizard

I once saw a photo of a man who broke one of the Guiness World Records for sit ups. It was the most paradoxical thing, because this man did not have any abdominal muscle definition. He was not obese or overweight at all, mind you, but he had a small enough layer of body fat that the muscular defintion did not show through. I’ve never seen a better real life example which demonstrates the basic principle discussed in this article.

You get great abs from reducing your body fat, and you reduce your body fat by creating a caloric deficit through nutrition and metabolism-stimulating and calorie-burning exercise.

ripped abs men women burn fat

I’ve spent my entire career – through more than 18 years and 28 bodybuilding competitions – studying the science and practicing the art of body fat reduction. I speak from experience and I walk my talk as you can see from my pictures.

If you’d like to learn for yourself, what I’ve learned about fat burning nutrition and getting your body fat level low enough so that you can finally see a “6 pack rack” of abs, then be sure to take a look at the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program. Thousands of men and women call this their “fat loss bible.” For all the details, check out:

Burn The Fat – Feed The Muscle is a downloadable e-book (340 pages) that will teach you how to burn fat, get leaner, and stay that way for life. It is one of the most thorough educational resources for this purpose.

Customer reviews of the Burn The Fat Program

Some Burn The Fat Customer reviews, testimonials and results achieved with the  program, found on the web

Tom Venuto Burn the Fat customer reviews– by Mark – Over a year ago I purchased Burn The Fat – Feed the Muscle. This program has had greater effect for me than any other program I’ve purchased. Fat loss is simple, but not easy and the guy offering this program is both honest and up-front about this fact and his product.

Tom Venuto Burn the Fat customer reviews– by Bonnie – I am a 40 year old mom from South Africa. I have 3 children, aged 11, 6 and 4. My weight before was 85kg’s my body fat was 36.5%, size 40. I was fat and miserable, and my family life and my relationship were suffering. I was not able to do anything with my kids, and I was tired and constantly irritated.

I’ve always counted calories, but this just wasn’t working for me anymore. Someone my husband knows had done the Burn The Fat programme and it had changed his life, so I decided to do it too. I lost 15kg’s within 8 months and kept it off.

Tom Venuto Burn the Fat customer reviewsby Susie – Following the Burn The Fat guidelines I have lost over thirty pounds so far. I used to be a size 18 and now I’m a loose 12. I once weighed 202 pounds and now I’m only 165. Not only do I feel great on this program, but I also don’t feel deprived. My lifestyle has changed and I love the results I’m seeing at every level. Now I believe I can do more than what I previously thought I could so I’m re-evaluating my goals.

burn the fat download

Tom Venuto Burn the Fat customer reviewsby Susie – In the one month using this product I’ve lost eight pounds, four inches from my waist and two percent of body fat. While I still have a ways to go I can’t believe how fast my stomach is shrinking. It is easy to see that I work out now. This program is the best.

Some more  Burn The Fat Customer reviews, testimonials and results achieved with the  program, found on the web

Tom Venuto Burn the Fat customer reviewsTom Venuto’s Burn The Fat – Feed The Muscle book was the first ebook that I’ve ever purchased. I was skeptical after reading the website, but all of that was erased in an instant after reading the first chapter.

I spent 4 years in University studying the human body. I wish that BFFM was part of our curriculum because so many text books out there try to be politically correct and base their work on the Canada/American food guide.

For the past 5 years I have been calling BFFM my fat loss bible. I have referred to it countless times. Yes I have read and followed a few other diet programs in the past 18 months, but I find most of them just put some sort of twist on what Tom teaches.

Other books try to make dieting sound easy and effortless. I love Tom’s no BS approach. Tell me the truth. Tell me exactly what it’s going to take. Don’t sugar coat it. And give me the tools to help me stick to the program. That’s exactly what Burn The Fat – Feed The Muscle provides you with.

Tom’s genuine and sincere character shines in this book. He truly cares about us and wants us to succeed. No gimmicks, no quick fixes… it’s the down right honest truth.

Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is a must read!

Tom Venuto Burn the Fat customer reviewsI can now fit into a pair of jeans which I haven’t fit in for years (38 European which is size 8 U.S. – I was a size 15 U.S.). The Salvation Army must love me these days, all the big clothes are placed in their recouperation dumpsters, bag upon bag of clothes. I’ve liberated 12 clothes hangers and two shelves full of oversized clothing since New Years!

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