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Gyro Bowl Review. GyroBowl doesn’t work as advertised.

Article / Review by on January 26, 2011 – 9:57 am9 Comments

If you’re looking for the official Gyro Bowl website, click here

The GyroBowl As Seen On TV

It is normal for kids to spill stuff and that is why you need the Gyro Bowl. It is the world’s first ever spill proof bowl for children.

It’s actually a pretty clever invention, thought up by two parents (who else?) who had a bit of a mind for science and physics.

With the Loopa Gyro Bowl you can spin and spin it while the stuff inside will still stay in. You no longer have to worry about your child spilling food when they eat.

It is 100% kid proof  and the Gyro Bowl will stay open side up no matter how a child flips or rotates it.

How does Gyro Bowl Work?

gyroscope model gyrobowl reviewThe magic is in the middle, the Gyro works just like a globe. Gyro Bowl’s inner balls rotate 360 degree and stays open side up no matter what. So the Gyro Bowl keeps all your snacks inside however you bounce, swing or fly. Now the kids can use Gyro Bowl as a Super Snack Contraption.
Kids will love the moving Gyro Bowl because it is fun and it never spills. And when the snack-time is done, put on the Stay-Fresh Lid to save it until the next one.
It is also perfect for holding nuts and bolts, paper clips, push-pins and more. Take it to the office, put them in a party, by the pool or just anywhere.

Does the Loopa Gyro Bowl Really Work

Now, if you watched the commercial, you will have noticed that they say “The Gyro Bowl is built so that it is virtually indestructible. Plus it is also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.”

Well, that’s not entirely true…

The bowl is made of injection molded polypropylene and the plastic nubs are very durable and have about 0% chance of breaking off without using any tools to break them off intentionally. Dishwasher safe, though? Not entirely. It really would depend on the temperature setting. Some users have reported mild melting of the material.

The second thing that isn’t perfect about the Gyro Bowl is that it’s useless for liquids. Liquids will spill if you throw the bowl around. Note that the commercial refers to snacks and makes no mention about liquids. It just leaves it to the imagination to include liquids as well. We’re just pointing it out so you won’t assume you can carry liquids in it too.

Aside from that, the Gyro Bowl works perfectly.

Gyro Bowl Customer Reviews

We found a lot of customer reviews on the web. 95.3% of them were positive. What we found is that most of the time was a negative opinion, it was a matter of what people expected. Hopefully our review will have cleared up any inconsistencies for you.

Here are some examples we found.

Independent customer review of Gyro Bowl found on a review website:

Gyro Bowl Review Lana JohnsonThe gyro bowl has to be the most interesting product I have ever seen invented for small children. The product actually make eating fun for children, and cleaning easy for parents this is an amazing contraption that you can spin and spin and spin and never worry about your child spilling food on the floor.   Official Gyro Bowl Site!   It is a 100% childproof ball that will remain open but matter how her child behaves that the dining table.

Gyro Bowl ReviewSheron Witt – I bought a gyro bowl for my 2 year old to tote around the house. My husband got a little tired of messing with Michael’s spills in the mornings before he had to leave for work, and that eventually started to wear off on me, too. The gyro bowl not only did what they said it would do in the commercial, but I find myself playing with it too sometimes. I guess it’s a pretty neat toy for adults, too (so long as you are as easily amused as I am)!

I would recommend making sure you look at the quantity before you click “buy” if you’re going to buy online. I recommend buying online, but just make sure you don’t accidentally buy 5 of these (unless you want 5). I have a friend who ordered 3 when they meant to only order 1, but she has 2 kids anyway, so she just says that makes it one less dish she has to clean.

Another independent customer review of Gyro Bowl found on Youtube:

Gyro Bowl ReviewOkay, it’s not 100% spill proof. If you shake it hard, it will spill. It’s not the super mega incredible thing they make it out to be in the infomercials (of course they need to exaggerate a bit) but if this broke, I would definitely buy another one to replace it.

Another independent customer review of Gyro Bowl found on a forum:

Gyro Bowl ReviewI must admit, I was a little skeptical at first and thought the Gyro Bowl would be one of those things that only work as they film the commercial and wouldn’t work as well in real life. But, I went ahead and got it because my 3 year old Daughter can really make a mess if I turn her loose with some gold fish crackers or something like that. But, the Gyro Bowl actually works just as good as it shows on the commercial. It works so good I went ahead and ordered some more.

So, is the Gyro Bowl Worth It?

We would say that it definitely is! Really, what is your time worth? And what is it worth to you to NOT have to clean up the mess your kid leaves when snacking? It might not be absolutely fool proof but if it saves you even 5 minutes of picking up a mess per day, I would say it’s something you can’t do without. So yes, go buy one. And buy some for your friends. They can thank you later.

Where to Buy Gyro Bowl?

In terms of price, normally a single Gyro Bowl with a stay-fresh lid sells for $14.99 plus shipping and handling. However there is currently a buy 1 get 1 free offer that is available. You’ll receive a second Gyro Bowl for free. That’s a total of 2 Gyro Bowls for only $14.99 plus the cost of shipping and handling.

This is buying it directly from the manufacturer so you will be unlikely to find a better price. You can now continue reading about my experience and opinions about Gyro Bowl or buy Gyro Bowl from the manufacturer now by clicking here.

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  • Lydia says:

    I rarely leave comments on webpages but I feel I have to this time. I don’t understand how you can say gyro bowls don’t work as advertised!!!

    These bowls are a godsend and only someone who has statues for kids can say something against them. Or, someone who has no kids at all. Infants spilling their food all over the house is NOT fun.

    I now have 6 of these and I use them for everything.

    I even sent my 3 year old son trick-or-treating with his dad with a gyro-bowl carefully wrapped in orange sticky paper, eyes and big teeth drawn with black marker. He was squealing with delight!

    They DO work as advertised, any solids and snacks are kept IN the bowl, not ON the floor! So please, don’t discourage people from buying something that can save them time and energy and frustration. In the end, what are $7? Let people judge for themselves.

    • Editor says:

      Hello Lydia and thank you for your comment. We weren’t actually trying to discourage anyone from buying the Gyro Bowl. We just wanted to make sure that nobody misunderstood. As it says in the article, most people we found posting negative comments on the web just had wrong expectations. We wanted to save people that.

      It might not be clear from the article but we actually believe people should go ahead and buy the Gyro Bowl. We’ve seen so many people satisfied with the way it works that it’s clear to everyone that it’s turned into something every mother should have – sort of like having a Boppy nursing pillow.

      Here’s the link to the official website where you can get it with a money back guarantee: GyroBowl website

      That Halloween Gyro Bowl sounds great! Your son is lucky to have you as a mom.

  • Anna says:

    I am trying to order a dozen gyrobowls….The girls at a school where I work want them. I cannot find a live person to speak with to order them. Can you help. Thank You. Anna Luce

    • Editor says:

      Hi Anna,

      This offer is only available for online puchases.
      Just go to the website here: Gyro bowl. Click on the order button to get the order form button. Then, place 2 separate orders for quantities of 3 each. The order form is a bit confusing. When you say you want one, you are ordering a set of two. So ordering a quantity of 3 will get you 6 gyrobowls. So, to get a dozen, just place 2 orders for a quantity of 3 each (there just isn’t an option for more than 3).
      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

  • elaine says:

    $9.99 shipping is ridiculous

  • Helene Kriner says:

    It took my fifteen month old grandson exactly thirty seconds to spill the entire contents of this supposedly “amazing” product.

    • Exceptions are there says:

      You say “supposedly” amazing product but can you elaborate on how he actually used the product? What did you put in the bowl?

      I don’t know but there are kids who will figure out ways of spilling anything and everything even from items designed to be /virtually/ spill-proof.

      I’m sorry but it’s difficult to decipher from the sarcasm, the “my grandson is a special snowflake”, to figure out how and why the product failed.

  • Tina says:

    Mine did that too, by slamming it on the floor as hard as he could. 🙂

    I don’t think they were made to withstand my whirlwind grandson.

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